We help our customers
build world-class organizations


To help companies and leaders around the world create continuous improvement momentum, drive innovation and deliver meaningful impact to customer value.

Leadership Team

Our Values

Provide flexibility adapting to existing systems, timing and needs.

Approach each person with respect and humility.

We are hard on process, not on people.

Every engagement must bring bottom-line improvement and/or top-line growth to our clients and their customers.

Chris Vogel, CEO & Cofounder

Chris has over 25 years of transformational leadership in large organizations. His technical experience brings practical application of Lean/Six Sigma/Operational Excellence and other tools learned from continuous improvement disciplines. Chris leverages his experience and knowledge leading his team to help companies transform their processes, physical environment, and most importantly, mindset. As the CEO of MIPRO, Chris and his team work directly with all levels of leadership and processes to drive customer value.


Eric Ohlson, Partner & Cofounder

Eric has 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive from the technology services sector and has leadership experience ranging from CEO to Operations Management and Sales leadership. Prior to MIPRO, Eric was co-founder and CEO of a national Information Technology consulting, training and staffing firm providing services to companies in the US. Eric also has previous experience working in account management and leadership positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.