10 European Luxury Cars That Look Insane In Body Kits

2022-05-09 08:51:56 By : Mr. Marco Chan

From cheap hatchbacks to expensive European luxury cars – these days, you'll find a cool body kit for almost any car.

Luxury cars are great for cruising contentedly for long rides as they are made to be as comfortable and spacious as possible. Many owners use their luxury cars for the purpose of showing off. While this is easy to do with expensive cars, some people like to stand out even more and resort to fitting their cars with body kits.

These days there are many aftermarket body kits to choose from, as the practice of customizing a car had become popular among motoring enthusiasts. Modifying cars was usually only done by hardcore buffs who owned sports cars and wanted to make their rides more exciting, but with the influx of premium and luxury-orientated vehicles, many aftermarket parts companies have created exclusive body panels and wide-body kits for expensive cars. This trend is so popular that it has even reached the very top of the luxury car market – Rolls-Royce.

So, whether it is something as cheap as an MGB Roadster, a sports car like a Jaguar F-Type, a supercar like the McLaren 720S, or a luxurious coupe like the Bentley Continental GT, there is a body kit option for it. Here are 10 European luxury cars that look insane in aftermarket body kits.

The current Bentley Flying Spur is a leap from the original from 2005. The first generation was simply a stretched Continental GT but has now become its own model featuring unique options. It is a beautiful car with elegant lines and creases, but many aftermarket companies have released body kits to make it look even better.

One of these companies is Mansory – renowned for their luxury car modifications. For the Flying Spur, the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and wheels were altered to accentuate the lines and create a more aggressive-looking car. Not too aggressive to look uncomfortable, but enough to make the car intimidating.

Brabus is known for its insanely tuned Mercedes-Benzes and the body alterations which come along with them. For the Rocket 900, they fitted an E63 AMG with a V12 engine and added rear arch covers to improve aerodynamics.

For their Rocket G900 – also called a G-Class – they went all out and modified most of the car. As guessed, the vehicle produced 900 hp, but the most striking part is the body. The G900 features completely redesigned bumpers, side skirts, hood, and rear tailgate, and the roof has a massive spoiler. The wheels are also huge and aerodynamically shaped. The Brabus Rocket G900 is an amazing piece of modified German metal.

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Marius Designhaus has not done much noticeable work yet, but their body kit for the Lamborghini Urus is a design masterpiece. It adds subtle lines and intakes all over, working with the existing design to make the Urus just a bit more athletic.

Accentuated by the striking green exterior color, the forged carbon-fiber panels stand out magnificently. The aggressive diffuser with the color-accented lines adds a bit more character to the rear, as does the extra spoiler on the rear deck. It is a great body kit that works perfectly with the angled design of the Urus.

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AC Schnitzer is known for its aftermarket BMWs, with some being among the coolest tuned cars in history. As expected, they have a body kit ready for the new BMW M4 – or any other new BMW for that matter – and it adds some more track-focused parts.

The kit adds a large spoiler on the trunk, some canards to the front bumper, a larger splitter, new side skirts, and a roof spoiler. As a point of the design, the fake vent just behind the front wheels gets two strakes – much like AMG Mercedes vehicles. All-in-all, it is a relatively sedate kit that changes the car massively from a visual perspective.

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The Audi RS7 is one of the best-looking cars currently on sale. It is the sloping coupe version of the equally pretty RS6, but it has an extra air of elegance to it. ABT, Audi’s ‘Brabus’, has recently tuned the new RS7 to create the RS7-R – an aggressively more powerful version of the standard car.

Along with the gains in performance, the RS7-R gets a body kit that builds upon the stock looks but adds larger wheels, a new front splitter with canards, a larger diffuser with fake vents, and slightly lower side skirts, and a small ducktail spoiler. The end result is a not so subtle, yet still luxurious-looking sedan with enough performance to embarrass supercars.

The Jaguar F-Pace is one of the best-looking SUVs on the market – especially since the recent refresh. The F-Pace SVR looks awesome and sounds even better with the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 under the hood. While the SVR does have subtly wider arches, Lumma Design decided that this was not enough.

They then went ahead and created a widebody kit which is definitely not subtle, yet still looks amazing on such a vehicle. The body kit makes the F-Pace an on-road only car, but then again who would take their luxury SUV off-road anyway?

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is no doubt the king of the luxury SUV segment. It has all the comfort features and prestige as that of the Phantom flagship, but is slightly taller. Rolls-Royce is not a fan of its customers modifying their cars, but Mansory mostly ignores this opinion and does its own thing to keep the cars tasteful.

The Mansory Cullinan has some redesigned bumpers front and rear, a lower side skirt, and a hood made of forged carbon fiber. At first glance, it looks like they ruined the Cullinan, but noticing the details shows that the vehicle still upholds the utter insistence on luxury and comfort. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it is still great-looking.

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Wald is known for its wide range of body kits, mostly for Toyota and Lexus vehicles, but they have delved into other manufacturers as well. One of these exploratory kits was with the BMW 7-Series.

They call it the Black Bison kit, and it adds massive wheels, side skirts that stick out the sides, a simpler rear bumper, and a front bumper that gets rid of the large intake grilles, The exhaust system also gets an overhaul, and one tip is merged into the other, almost creating a figure-8.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe was a model which didn’t last very long before being discontinued. It was meant to be the S-Class model which is actually driven, instead of being chauffeured in – and features most of the options from the big S-Class sedan. It was an elegant vehicle to rival the Bentley Continental GT and BMW 8-Series.

Prior Design offered a widebody kit for the S-Class Coupe, which widened the wheel arches and added some multi-spoke wheels. This gave the car a more hardcore AMG look, reminiscent of AMG Black Series models. Thanks to the matte gray exterior paint, it also looks like a Brabus special.

The Toyota Century is probably one of the coolest luxury cars on sale. It is the top-of-the-line, no-expenses-spared model from a company that meticulously designs and builds cars for ordinary people. Toyota prides itself on quality and value for money, so building a car that rivals a Rolls-Royce is quite something.

Wald International had the opportunity to create a body kit for the Century. They could have gone crazy and added a huge spoiler, extended the arches, and fit a silly splitter on the front – but instead, they made an understated kit that makes the car look just a bit fancier. The biggest changes were the wheels, which are the most attention-grabbing. The Wald Toyota Century is a fantastic car that makes this already awesome car look insanely cool.

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