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In a hair-raising incident caught on cam, a Boston subway train burned atop a bridge forcing a woman passenger to jump into the Mystic River that was flowing below the subway bridge. The incident occurred earlier on Thursday morning and was reported from Somerville, Massachusetts. Fortunately, no casualties or injuries were reported in the aftermath of the train fire. Meanwhile, the fire was caused due to a metal strip came loose from the train and made contact with the rail, which had electricity running through it.

According to reports, on Thursday morning, the Orange Line train was packed with as many as 200 commuters when chaos erupted. Many passengers heard loud thuds and when looked outside, spotted dark cloud of black smoke.

Many passengers decided to open the back door of the train’s car. When the back door didn’t open, they ended up kicking a window, and jumped out of the train halted on the bridge.

Meanwhile, one woman also went on to jump straight into the Mystic River flowing below the bridge. A WCVB report quoted eye-witness Aubrey Charles saying, “By the time we got to the third or fourth car, I hear a woman scream behind me and she is like, ‘No, no. Don’t jump!’ Then we look out into the river and there is this woman swimming around.”

A jam-packed Orange Line train which was running over the Mystic River in Somerville, Massachusetts, caught fire earlier on Thursday morning, sending the passengers run helter-skelter for safety. Visuals emerging from the scene showed the halted train atop a bridge burning with thick black smoke meeting the sky.

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According to reports, the incident occurred sometime around 6.45 am on Thursday morning when the train was approaching a station in Somerville. Many passengers in the train were startled when they heard the sound of thuds, growing louder and louder by the second.

One of the commuters, John Gosselin, was quoted in a Boston25news, giving an account of the shocking mishap. “The train stopped and sparks starting coming out of the front, probably about three feet behind the driver. I saw a flame and then I knew something was up…It engulfed very, very quickly. The flames were shooting up. The smoke got very black,” he was quoted saying.

Soon, the authorities made the decision to cut off the power of the train and the Orange Line train halted on the bridge.

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While many passengers made their way out of the burning train through the windows, one woman took the drastic measure of jumping into the Mystic River. Hair-raising visuals emerging on Twitter show the commuters scrambling for safety and urging the woman in question to not jump into the river.

According to reports, the woman swam ashore safely, and when asked for medical assistance, she denied.

Some videos also show passengers acting in good faith, helping each other out as they jump out of the train with black smoke intensifying around them.

NEW: Video shows Orange Line riders jumping out of windows after a train car caught on fire over the Mystic River.

The MBTA says a person even jumped from the bridge into the water. They declined medical attention. pic.twitter.com/xTdSWFlP2L

NEW: Video shows Boston’s Orange Line riders jumping out of windows after a train car caught on fire over the Mystic River. The MBTA says a person even jumped from the bridge into the water. pic.twitter.com/2qgNpHKr9Z

Passengers on an MBTA commuter train near Boston, MA, rushed to escape from several cars after fire and smoke quickly spread through the train.

No injuries were reported from the 200 people who evacuated. pic.twitter.com/LXN1mIXaVN

A train caught fire on a Boston-area bridge.

Passengers kicked through windows to get out. https://t.co/LSsqnrv8yU pic.twitter.com/ZG2r9N3IS5

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Meanwhile, the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) issued a statement regarding the matter. “A preliminary inspection indicates a section of the sheet metal, or side panel, on the vehicle, appears to have come in contact with the third rail, igniting material below the car.”

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