Customer Driven Value System™

A Holistic and Integrated Approach to Continuous Improvement Initiatives

The CDV System™ is designed to make continuous improvement (CI) initiatives easier to engage and deliver results faster. It allows for flexibility to integrate into existing CI efforts as a multiplier to drive more impactful results. Our approach is to meet your organization where you are in the cycle.

Continuous improvement programs and efforts don't need to be complex. The CDV System is built on proven CI principles and takes a unique approach to planning, work prioritization and initiative deployment to provide results quickly in 90-day cycles.

Bring focus to customer value




Strategy Planning & Roadmap

Align your vision and goals to a business plan.


Already have your planning completed?

The Vital Few™ approach helps prioritize the work that will create the most meaningful impact.


Strategic projects already identified?

90-Day Process Transformation™ (T90™) maps the value stream and engages your team to drive meaningful improvement within 90 days.

The CDV System integrates at any step throughout the transformation process to enable your organization to engage easily, as a multiplier of existing continuous improvement initiatives.

Key Components of the CDV System


The CDV System exercises build a detailed business plan with metrics and measurements.

The Vital Few™

Identify the focused projects with the Vital Few and prioritize your project portfolio.


A3 deployment across the organization from senior leadership to divisions, departments and functional areas utilizing a top-down, bottom-up approach.

90-Day Process Transformation™ (T90™)

Focused delivery of the Vital Few™ improvements to reduce expenses, improve speed and quality as well as reduce space in 90-day cycles.

Annual Value Stream Review

Annual review to measure efforts to ensure value realization. Review and adjust objectives as necessary leveraging a PDCA approach.

Strategic Planning

Builds Vision, Mission, Goals, and Financial Targets from a 5-year outlook and builds a 1-year business plan.

CDV System Transformational Cycle

Many organizations struggle with "finding the time" to incorporate CI into their work. Ideally, CI should be a Zero Loss proposition, where the time saved from improving process can be reinvested in CI or more growth-related work. But where do you find the time to get those initial improvements made to start reinvesting?


The answer can be as simple as using a crawl, walk, run approach. As with any area of improvement, starting out with small steps not only improves process, but it is an effective way to influence the people in an organization to adopt a CI mindset.

Don't know where to start

Improvement opportunities typically abound, and it can feel overwhelming to decide where to start. Using the Vital Few approach can help organizations use lagging and leading indicator data to zone in on areas where root cause problems reside, helping teams prioritize and focus their efforts on the highest-value initiatives to embark on.

Continuous improvement isn't just about process. It requires a balanced approach of Purpose, Process, and People to be successful. Aligning your CI program to the organization's mission and objectives increases a sense of relevance and urgency for the organization. Leveraging the skills and intellect of the people that do the work to determine what should be improved and how fosters employee engagement and buy-in, which inherently increases adoption.

Don't know how

Sustained CI involves adopting a CI mindset throughout the organization. Employing a Learn-Do-Teach approach is the most effective way to change the way an organization performs its work. Establishing a CI learning strategy that incorporates ongoing learning through workshops, training, coaching, and eLearning provides the flexibility for different learning styles and the opportunity to immediately apply learning to gain competency. Giving team members the opportunity to show and teach others increases accountability and commitment to a CI culture and mindset.

Not enough time

Poor adoption

Overcome typical challenges with Continuous Improvement initiatives

T90™ | 90-Day Process Transformation™

As a core component of the Customer Driven Value System, T90 is an approach to transform any process in 90 days to remove waste from processes, increase product quality, and cut costs in half.

Our goal is to drive meaningful results in a short amount of time while creating a model that can be used to expand transformation efforts to the broader organization.

T90 delivers meaningful results inside 90 days:

  • Double the speed

  • Double the quality

  • Halve the cost

  • Halve the space (where applicable) 


Contact us to learn how T90 can help you improve challenging processes.


The Vital Few™ | Work Prioritzation

Organizations struggle to define work priorities, often undertaking improvement efforts that deliver limited impact. The Vital Few™ is a continuous improvement process that focuses on creating customer value and delivering meaningful impact in any situation.

The Vital Few is a systematic approach consisting of 8 key components that measure process that measures process performance and drives strategic outcomes through focus and prioritization of the work. The steps are designed to work an improvement need from the strategic level into the vital few work priorities. Meaningful impact is achieved through process improvement and process management of the improved customer value stream. 


Contact us to learn how the Vital Few can help you prioritize work.


Building effective continuous improvement teams.

Custom Consulting Solutions for Continuous Improvement

Our custom consulting offers clients the flexibility to design engagements that will best serve their needs. Whether it's a short-term engagement to jump-start improvement, to working with an organization to set up a CI practice, to staff augmentation services, MIPRO consultants have breadth and depth of experience to meet companies where they are in their CI journey.

We are highly skilled in continuous improvement tools focused on increasing customer value including Value Stream Mapping, A3 Problem Solving, Standard Work, 5S, Visual Management, and strategy deployment. Our consultants have experience in working with TQM, TPM, Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control including FMEA analysis, and Lean.

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