Building sustainable continuous improvement

Our team members work with you to understand your continuous improvement needs.


Customer Driven Value System™

Are you trying to balance the choices between continuous improvement tools, methods, projects and concepts? Consider an integrated system that will deliver sustainable results. The CDV System™ is designed to make continuous improvement (CI) initiatives easier to engage and deliver results faster. It allows for flexibility to integrate into existing CI efforts as a multiplier to drive more impactful results.

Customized Consulting Solutions


Our services are focused on meeting you where you are. We provide flexible solutions at the right time with the right people to meet your continuous improvement needs.

Transforming Organizations

 "We approach each person and process with respect and humility for the hard work being done.

We are hard on process, not on people."

- Chris Vogel, CEO

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Transformed mobile application delivery process to improve product release frequency by 87% and reduce lead time by 18%

Improved care, cost and census at a nationwide provider of post-acute care an average of 15% while reducing expenses 5%

Supported an enterprise document electronification transformation at one of the largest US-based banks, delivering an 83% improvement in transactional cost