Building future leaders

Sustained continuous improvement is critically linked to alignment of purpose, process, and people. Our coaching and training services build individual and organizational capabilities, from executives to individual contributors.

Training is offered in multiple formats to make continuous improvement learning engaging,  scalable, and easily integrated into existing training programs. 


Executive Coaching

What leaders value, their team members value. Our executive coaching helps leaders understand the concepts, tools and practices necessary to drive continuous improvement systems and behaviors throughout the organization.


We work to understand the executive’s existing roles, responsibilities, and time demands to develop and execute a customized plan to meet the needs of a continuous improvement approach. Practical coaching is provided to help executives design their own standards and act their way to a new way of thinking.


Sustaining continuous improvement across any organization requires capabilities at all levels of the organization. Reaching these goals will need some level of support at all levels of the organization and will need long-term support from internal resources.  


We work with leaders to build sustainable, capable internal resources that can teach, facilitate and coach others across the organization. Developing these resources will extend the reach of continuous improvement results across the enterprise.

Frontline Leaders

Actions of frontline leaders have a direct relationship to a service/products' cost and, of course, the customer experience! Their time is often consumed by the tyranny of daily fire fighting with little time left to invest in sustainable improvement.


Working with frontline leaders and managers to implement a practical application of the continuous improvement management system.  Using leading vs lagging indicators in operations, using short huddle meetings to quickly adjust, and creating effective employee engagement systems drives ever-improving customer value.

Flexible coaching options for the entire team


Workshop Portfolio

Our workshop portfolio covers a broad list of continuous improvement topics and can be customized to fit the depth of learning desired.

  • Key Concepts of Continuous Improvement

  • The Vital Few: Work Prioritization

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • A3 Problem Solving

  • Front-Line Leader Standard Work

  • Executive Standard Work

  • Management System

  • Process Transformation

  • Strategy Development and Deployment

  • Customized workshops

Experiential &
Hands-On Learning

Our facilitated workshops are designed to deliver an experiential and immersive experience. Many of our facilitated sessions require participants to bring real-world challenges to the workshop which delivers a "learning while doing" experience.


Team activities, exercises, and minimal lecture make for a fun and engaging learning environment.


Connect with us to inquire about the public workshop schedule or to request an onsite workshop at your location.


eLearning & Online Training

Student in Library

Continuous learning requires a culturally integrated and easily consumable way to ensure your organization stays current with your continuous improvement initiatives. MIPRO eLearning offers a scalable solution that enables your teams to learn anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace. Contact us to learn more.

eLearning Solutions
Web Consultation

Free public webinars broadcasted regularly on various topics of continuous improvement. Hear continuous improvement guest speakers and industry experts from organizations around the world. View our events calendar to learn about upcoming webinars.

video camera conference

Training and coaching options for remote teams. MIPRO Virtual Learning solutions enable remote training covering topics from continuous improvement basics to advanced one-on-one coaching. Contact us to learn more.

Virtual Learning

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