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2022-09-10 05:15:47 By : Mr. Allen Seng

Squid Game Star Lee Jung-jae lands a lead role in Star Wars: The Acolyte report Deadline. Casting has been moving along for the upcoming show from showrunner Leslye Headland. Filming is set to take place later this year in the U.K. and Jung-jae is now the third piece of casting for the show alongside female lead Amandla Stenberg and most recently Jodie Turner-Smith.

Lee Jung-jae is no newcomer having worked in the Korean film industry for many long years. However his fame was increased by mega hit Squid Game on Netflix. This will be the first major Western role Jung-jae has taken on. As reported by the trade, this is for one of the lead roles in the series. Although, for now there are no details around any characters officially released.

Sources tell Deadline that Lee has landed the male lead in the new Disney+ Star Wars series The Acolyte from Lucasfilm. Amandla Steinberg is set for the other lead role, with Deadline also recently breaking the news that Jodie Turner-Smith also is joining cast. 

As for who Lee Jung-jae could be playing, I do have my speculations. Recent leaks for The Acolyte were shut down and I didn’t read them all. However there was some character and basic premise description to begin with we did cover. One claim was that there would be a Sith Lord in the show with the code-name (BTS) Paul. Fans have since begun calling this character Darth Paul. I have a feeling Lee could be playing that role. However, that is pure speculation on my part for now, so don’t read too much into my mad ramblings.

What do you think of the news Squid Game Star Lee Jung-jae lands a lead role in Star Wars: The Acolyte? As always, let us know in the usual spot below.

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