Super Soco VS1 Price in Nepal, Specs, Range, Charge Time

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Super Soco VS1 is now available in Nepal.

D-Lifestyle, the authorized distributor of Super Soco scooters in Nepal, is offering an electric scooter for commercial purposes.

Super Soco VS1 is a powerful scooter, built and perfected for durability and deliveries.

It is completely different from the available Super Soco scooters. Due to its commercial nature, it is not available in company brochures and listings.

Super Soco VS1 price in Nepal starts at Rs. 4.79 Lakhs to Rs. 5.99 Lakhs.

Like other Super Soco products, it is available across two different variants: Single Battery and Double Battery.

With that said, let’s take a quick look at the Super Soco VS1 in Nepal along with its key specifications.

Super Soco VS1 is familiar in its own right.

It borrows the design aesthetics of the popular CPX. There is quite a bit of resemblance with one another.

VS1 is like a maxi-scooter, getting a mix of sporty, aggressive, and modern feel.

However, there is a considerable change in its headlamp design.

The extended LED lights serve a dual purpose: illuminate the road and create a nifty storage spot for the carrying box.

The side profile is similar to CPX.

The exposed carbon steel frame and metal foot pegs are still present. However, the rear seat has been removed to make space for a Carbon Steel Rear Carrier.

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The rider seat is spacious enough and gets an extra thick sponge for comfortable seating.

The rear profile comes with a single-strip LED Tail Lamp with a Tyre hugger. Interestingly, the rear portion is exactly the same as the CPx.

Super Soco VS1 is available in White color.

Super Soco VS1 is powered by a 4000W EEC Motor. It generates a max torque of 171 Nm, capable of 80Kmph top speed.

Equipped with a 60V45AH Lithium battery, it boasts an impressive range of 100Km for a Single Battery and 200Km for a Double Battery.

It can fully charge in 3.5 hours via Fast Charging.

Again, the spec sheet is exactly similar to the CPx. It should come as no surprise since both scooters are based on the same platform and the same engine.

A telescopic fork and Centralized Hydraulic Shock Absorber handle the suspension duties.

The dimensions are 2049mm in length, 727mm in width, and 1141mm in height. Moreover, the wheelbase sits at 1366mm.

Super Soco VS1 gets a 154mm ground clearance. And. it can carry a max load of 140kg (excluding the rider).

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Here is a quick list of features in the new Super Soco VS1.

Talking about the costs, the Super Soco VS1 price in Nepal is Rs. 4.79 Lakhs for the Single Battery and Rs. 5.99 Lakhs for the Double Battery.

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Interested individuals can contact the nearest Super Soco showroom for additional information.

Interestingly enough, the spec sheet and features are exactly the same as in CPx. Perhaps, that is why the pricing for both VS1 and CPx is the same.

Nevertheless, the use case scenario is completely different.

The VS1 is made for commercial business, whereas the CPx is made for personal use.

Both scooters have a bulkier road presence with an interesting list of features. Hence, it will be easy to choose between the two scooters.

For commercial use, go for Super Soco VS1. For everything else, go for the Super Soco CPx.

Who is the authorized distributor of Super Soco VS1 in Nepal? D-Lifestyle is the authorized distributor of Super Soco VS1 in Nepal.

What is the price of the Super Soco VS1 in Nepal? The price of the Super Soco VS1 in Nepal starts at Rs. 4.79 Lakhs to Rs. 5.99 Lakhs.

What is the ground clearance in the Super Soco VS1? The ground clearance in Super Soco VS1 is 154mm.

Where is the Super Soco showroom in Nepal? Super Soco showroom is located at Lazimpat and Lagankhel.

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