Vegas facility making parts for U.S. military

2022-05-09 08:50:36 By : Mr. Jon zhang

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — When you think of U.S. military planes, aircraft carriers, submarines, you probably don't think of Vegas. But there's actually a local place fabricating crucial pieces for our military and power companies.

13 Action News Anchor Todd Quinones takes you inside a massive facility manufacturing thousands of different parts that we can be proud to call Nevada Built.

"Wow! Holy cow. That was like a bomb," said Todd after witnessing, hearing and feeling the result of thousands of pounds of pressure pulling apart an industrial-sized bolt.

"Yeah it is," said Marty Goeree, the president of Vegas Fastener Manufacturing and Power Gen Components.

"Oh man, that was wild," said Todd.

The bolt snapped in two.

"I was not ready for it to shake. I was ready for noise," said Todd before Marty explains that it takes 200,000 pounds to separate the bolt.

At Vegas Fastener Manufacturing and Power Gen Components, Marty says they break the heavy-duty nuts and bolts and sockets that they make on purpose.

It's a mandatory stress test taken past the breaking point to make sure the parts won't fail specifications. Because if they fail, the lives of our servicemen and women are at risk.

"This part goes on the propulsion unit of a Virginia class submarine," said Marty.

Whether it's submarines, aircraft carriers or stealth bombers, many of these parts made for the military are secretive.

"We know it's going into the Columbia Class Submarine and that's all we know," said Marty.

"Now would you call this a screw or a bolt? What's the proper term?" asked Todd.

"It's a socket head," said Marty.

"A socket head?" asked Todd.

"Yeah, it's a three and three quarter inch," said Marty.

"Oh my goodness! How heavy is this?" asked Todd.

"Wow! Holy cow! That is impressive. That is impressive and it's Nevada built," said Todd.

"Nevada built right here in the shadows of Raiders Stadium," said Marty.

215 people are employed here. 13 Action News got the chance to meet a few of the employees who take great pride in their work.

"My name is Quentin. My job title is a setup machinist, programmer and operator," said one employee.

"My name is Dave. I take an electrode and with electricity I burn this into a piece of metal," said another.

"My name is Larry. I'm a machinist and I'm rolling threads," said a third.

"My name is Yousef. I'm the laboratory manager here at Vegas Fastener Manufacturing. What we do here is test the materials," the manager explained.

They help forge raw steel into useful parts.

"It's an inch and three-quarters socket head is what's going to be the end product," said Marty.

In this case, heating a piece of steel to about 1,800 degrees, before putting it into a forging press.

"So it's essentially, layman's terms, squishing it," said Todd.

"Squishing it. Exactly. Under tremendous pressure and heat. Correct," said Marty.

From heavy, dense, big pieces, to pieces the size of a fingernail -- it's all made at Vegas Fastener Manufacturing and Power Gen Components.

"This is serious machinery," said Todd.

"This is serious machinery, a serious industry from forging, to CNC, to grinding, to thread rolling," said Marty.

The massive manufacturing facility, is located near Interstate 15 and Russell Road.

"I would guarantee, so many people here in the Las Vegas valley have no clue that a place like this exists," said Todd.

"No clue. There's no clue. It's not something that's well known for Nevada or Las Vegas to have this type of industry right here. Right here, steps away from the Strip," said Marty.

The parts being made at Vegas Fastener Manufacturing and Power Gen Components are also used in power plants, water and sewer systems and other industrial uses.

They're actually looking to hire for multiple positions in every department.

Visit and for contact information and to learn more about open positions.