Leaning in to Working@Home

One of my favorite lines from my Lean Sensi is “new standard.”  The term conveys a message that the current standard is our best imperfect way known today.   A new standard raises the expectations and requires new ways of thinking.

Our work@home pivot is a call for a “new standard.”  The principles of lean are well positioned for navigating the path forward.  

First, the people closest to the work are best positioned to improve the work.  This is an opportunity to build problem solving skills with our employees by enabling them to try and learn new ideas for working@home.   

Second, Lean’s relentless focus on the elimination of waste is well suited for figuring out what’s value add and non value add in working from home.  The eight types of waste and organizing work spaces through 5S are proven methods to enable efficient and effective processes in this new era.  

MIPRO’s Customer Driven Value System takes Lean and Design Thinking and weaves them together to provide a set of methods and mindsets to navigate your organization through the problems of today and tomorrow.  

Let’s partner together and lead our way to the future!


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