Rethinking Our Supply Chain

We are all experiencing the bad news. However, our current situation should make us reflect on past decisions and help inform our path forward. Decisions like offshore production of goods and services, global resource reliance, economies of scale in food production, bulk supply chain complexity, outsourcing skills and technology seem suspect these days.

These decisions were made for good reasons. Customers have enjoyed low cost and easy access to goods and services. Right/wrong, ethical/unethical… history will determine the fate of these decisions. However, the overall system has clearly been exposed to fragility.

The good news? People are innovative, reflective, resilient and continually learn. As we move from reaction and on to restoration and recovery, let’s move forward with innovation. Work environments whether in person or virtual, whether production or office work, rely on structures and processes.

We are helping many of our clients re-evaluate their supply chain processes and partnerships to ensure resiliency and efficiency in this new normal, and set the stage for innovation to keep ahead of the constant change.

As we rebuild these structures and processes, let’s avoid throwing the “baby out with the bath water” but rather focus on innovation for a better future!


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