WC67Y metal plate bending and forming, stainless steel bending machine

WC67Y metal sheet bending and forming, stainless steel bending machineStandard Facilities: 1. ESTUN E21 NC control + Frequency inverter 2.Front support arms3. Motorized stroke adjustment 4. T slot on both front side and back side of the worktable5.  OMAGE Hydraulic valv

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WC67Y metal sheet bending and forming, stainless steel bending machine
WC67Y metal sheet bending and forming, stainless steel bending machine
WC67Y metal sheet bending and forming, stainless steel bending machine
WC67Y metal sheet bending and forming, stainless steel bending machine

Standard Facilities:
 1. ESTUN E21 NC control + Frequency inverter
 2.Front support arms
3. Motorized stroke adjustment
4. T slot on both front side and back side of the worktable
5.  OMAGE Hydraulic valve
6.  SUNNY hydraulic pump
7.  Siemens famous brand motor  
8.  Siemens or Schneider Electric parts
9.  Machine power is turn-off when the electric cabinet door opened
10. Upper clamps with Anti Wedges
11. Hydraulic and Electrical overload protection
12. Side safety guard and Full height back safety guard
13. With standard Top punch and Bottom Die
14. Back gauge beam is made of profile steel and liner guide
15. Back gauge is supported with ball screw and polished steel round bar with 0,05mm accuracy
2. Estun E21 NC Press Brake Control system:
1. Monochrome LCD Box Panel.
2. Integral factor programmable freely
3. Automatic positioning control
5.Internal time relay
6.Ram stroke counter
3. Our Services
1: Response in time after getting customer's claim
1: Provide solution in 1 day
2: Usually solve problem within 2 days
2. For big machine, Installation Service is available as per customer's requirement
4. Training Service
Our technician is available to your factory and offer training of how to use our machines. As well, you may send your technician to our company to learn how to operate machines.
5. Quality Guarantee
We guarantee the quality of machine (e.g. processing speed and working performance is the same as the data of samples making). We sign the agreement with detailed technical data.
We arrange final test before shipment. We run the machine for a few days, and then use customer's materials for test. After making sure machine is the best performance, then make shipments.
6. Main features
1. The whole machine is in sheet plate welded structure, which internal stress eliminated by vibration aging technology, high strength and good rigidity of machine.
2. Double hydraulic oil cylinder is applied for upper transmission, provided with mechanical limit stopper and synchronous torsion bar, stable and reliable operation, as well as high precision.
3. Electrical adjustment and manual fine-tuning adjustment mode are adopted for distance of rear stopper and stroke of gliding block, and fitted with digital display device, easy and quick in use.
4. Upper clamp is fitted with compensation device.  
5. Worktable mechanical compensation or hydraulic compensation device is optional.
modelNormal pressure(kn)Working table length (mm)Distance between housingThroat depth (mm)Ram travel (mm)Max. open heightAdjust- ment of ram travel (mm)Working table Height (mm)Main motorspeedOil flow rate (L/min)Machine overall Dimension (mm) L x W x HMachine weight(T)
Power (kw)Speed (mm/s)Approach/ Working/ return
30x1300300130011102004027580710314408 / 6 / 8101800x1550x19001.8
30x1600300160012252004027580710314408 / 6 / 8101950x1550x19002.1
40x13004001300108020010027580710414408 / 6 / 8101950x1550x19902.1
40x16004001600120020010032080710414408 / 6 / 8101950x1550x19002.3
40x20004002000150022010032080730414408 / 6 / 8102150x1600x19802.8
40x22004002200150022010032080740414408 / 6 / 8102250x1700x19503
40x25004002500200022010032080730414408 / 6 / 8102505x1125x20003.1
50x2500500250019002501203001207505.514408 / 6 / 8102570x1270x18003.3
50x3200500320026002501203001207505.514408 / 6 / 8103270x1350x19603.2
63x2000630200015002501003601007705.59608 / 6 / 8252060x1725x22803.8
63x2500630250020502501003601007705.59608 / 6 / 8252560x1725x22804.2
63x3200630320026002501003601007705.59608 / 6 / 8253260x1700x22605.5
80x3200800320026002501003601007807.59608 / 6 / 8253520x1620x22306.6
80x4000800400032002501003601007807.59608 / 6 / 8254050x1820x22807.5
100x25001000250020503201303901008507.59608 / 6 / 8252600x1750x22306.8
100x32001000320026003201303901008507.59608 / 6 / 8253500x1750x22307.2
100x40001000400032003201303901008507.59608 / 6 / 8254060x1800x25008.2
100x50001000500040803201303901008507.59608 / 6 / 8255100x1800x27009
125x2500125025002050320130390100850119608 / 6 / 8252600x1750x23307.8
125x3200125032002600320130390100850119608 / 6 / 8253500x1750x23307.5
125x4000125040003200320130390100850119608 / 6 / 8254080x1750x25007.5
125x5000125050004080320130390100850119608 / 6 / 8255080x1750x26007.5
160x3200160032002600320200470160840119607 / 5 / 7253400x2100x252010.5
160x4000160040003200320200470160840119607 / 5 / 7254060x2100x260011.8
160x5000160050004080320200470160840119607 / 5 / 7255080x2100x260014
160x6000160060004800320200470160840119607 / 5 / 7256100x2100x268015.8
200x3200200032002600320200520180850159607 / 5 / 7633400x2200x265012.8
200x4000200040003200320200520180850159607 / 5 / 7634080x2200x265014.5
200x5000200050004080320200520180850159607 / 5 / 7635100x2200x266016
200x6000200060004800320200520180850159607 / 5 / 7636120x2200x266017.5
250x320025003200260040025056022086518.59607 / 5 / 7633400x2300x280013.5
250x400025004000320040025056022086518.59607 / 5 / 7634120x2300x280015
250x500025005000408040025056022086518.59607 / 5 / 7635100x2300x285017
250x600025006000480040025056022086518.59607 / 5 / 7636120x2300x290019

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